$80 per hour

1. On the couch with Cate. Complete your personal style survey.  I’ll review the answers in order to better understand your desires and needs.

2. It gets worse before it gets better. All items are removed from your closet and drawers, one section at a time, and will be edited as we go.

3. Will it stay or will it go? I’ll go through each item with you, deciding what deserves space in your closet, what needs to be altered, and what absolutely must go.  Don’t worry; I won’t make you throw anything away.  I’ll suggest locations for donations or consignment.

4. Your newly styled closet. Clothing will be placed back in your closet and drawers in a clear, organized fashion.  This will make getting dressed both easy and fun!

5. A to-do list you’ll want to do. Throughout the closet edit, I’ll compile a list of your personal shopping essentials.  What are the gaps in your wardrobe?  What styles are the most flattering?  I’ll make suggestions and include them on your list.

6. Putting it all together. Using items already in your wardrobe, I’ll create and showcase outfits for a variety of occasions, always with your personal style in mind. As we go along, I’ll share helpful guidelines for how to continue the process on your own. You won’t believe how many looks can be created from what you already have!

Personal shopping, special event planning, and holiday or business travel packing services available. 

Inquiries to catepileggi@gmail.com.