Cate changed my life! My friends and family were amazed. During the process, my size, personality, and age were considered. You took into account what would look best on ME, not just what looks good on women in magazines. The thing that helped me the most was going through my closet piece by piece, seeing what looked good and what to get rid of. Shopping was another eye opener – and the key to this whole process. Because of your suggestions, I tried on things I never would have considered. You got me to look beyond what I “thought” looked good. Some of the clothes that I resisted turned out to be my favorite things. Before working with you, I dreaded shopping! It was so depressing because nothing looked good. After you took me shopping, my world was open to new colors and styles. Like a good therapist, you gave me the tools that changed my life. Not only did you show me what to buy, you taught ME how to do it. Dressing well and feeling great about how you look is EMPOWERING! It is amazing what a little change of wardrobe and attitude does for a person’s life.